Everything you need to add great audio to your haunt !!!

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 I have a roughly 2 gig collection of Halloween wavs,  9 gigs of mp3s and another gig of older audio editing tools. I have no problem sharing these, if you want some, go right ahead and get em, knock yourselves out.

 I try to categorize them by type of sound, you will see they are fairly easy to find what you need. I be will adding more files each day as I find them.

If you have some mp3s or wavs,
please upload them to the FTP to expand the collection!

 I have plenty of server space approx. 30 gigs dead-icated to this so upload upload upload!

 If you chose to upload, please categorize them (preferably in folders) as I wont have the time to listen to them all.

 Please note I have configured a 2 hour limit per connection, many folks were connecting and downloading the entire collection without discretion.
 This is rude, eats bandwidth, and prevents me from browsing with reasonable bandwidth for long periods.
 This is a privilege for you to use, not a right to just download everything willy nilly.

 Some things have changed with my ISP
My IP address is now dynamic, not static. 
This means it can change.
Below is the current IP address.
It is dynamically updated with the active address.

 You need to use a client FTP application to access this FTP server.

 If you need a client FTP, they are available from either www.tucows.com or www.shareware.com.

 I like FileZilla FTP (click the link for a copy (freeware) for those who don't want to hunt), but cuteFTP, bulletproof FTP or Flashfxp will do the trick. If you get errors running FileZilla after installation get this plug-in.

 If you need assistance configuring FileZilla, click here to learn how to do it.

 You can try my current IP


This seems to work in Mozilla, FireFox, and IE.
Due to connection types and network configurations at your location,
I make no claim that this will work for you.
The best bet is to use an FTP client like Filezilla or WS_FTP LE

The site is as of

 Please...PLEASE...only use a single login if you are using an FTP client, unless you are going to upload with one connection, and download with the other.

 If I see multiple download connections from a single IP address, I will ban that person from the FTP. That is just greedy and hogging my bandwidth, besides it will only slow down your downloads, and possibly lose data.

 I only allow 2 logins for per IP.

 I really recommend using an FTP client if at all possible. Plus you can upload to the FTP server as well with a client FTP.

 I try to run the ftp 24/7, but as you know, systems can need to be rebooted.

 Be warned, my systems are networked through a router so if you use an FTP client and the connection stalls or errors out you may need to toggle pasv and/or NAT then reconnect to see the files. FileZilla FTP and FlashFXP allows this.

Click for a list of songs on the FTP
Click for a list of sounds on the FTP

To resolve NAT IP > internet > NAT FTP Connectivity

Anybody with NAT related connection issues such as failure to index, cannot build connection, or related errors on the FTP, it is due to your router and FTP application configuration. 
Use FileZilla FTP

For Routers, in options, click on bind to IP: <set to your external IP>. Next set localport range : lower port to higher port. Set IP forward in your router to the IP you are using.  Finally be sure to turn off pasv.

Additionally, I no longer use IP Masq/Nat/Internal IP, so check or uncheck the tick in the advanced tab on the set up of the connection manager for this account

To resolve Browser FTP Connectivity


To resolve Firewall Issues

Folks using firewall applications, it is critical that you set port 666 as open! 
This is the port that the FTP operates on, if that port is not open, you will not be able to connect.

If you want to ask a question regarding the files in this ftp, or request files loaded to the web-ftp,
please email me

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