Run                                                                 that ghost just appeared                                                          from out of nowhere

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 This version of Projected Ghost, adds a twist to make the presence a tad more ethereal. Rather than using a static ghost image projected onto veil, scrim  or gauze, I chose to use a super 8 projector with film loop rather than a static slide machine or holiday projector. Additionally, instead of just having it rise from the ground (aided by back to back rotating mirrors), I chose to make a small platform for the projector that pivots back and forth, adding a touch more fright might by having it travel in 3 directions. 

 Now that was a great idea gang, but have you tried to get super 8 film these days, and if you can find it, have you tried to have it processed? YOWSA! 

 Once I got and shot some film, rigging the loop for the projector, hidden out of site was a huge pain in the ass. On top of that the film didn't come out as I had hoped, and I was very very disappointed with the results, to the extent that I am not even considering posting these pics of the initial trials. Too dim, not grainy enough (even with using brillo on the film), too much light seepage on the projector (means an enclosure with slots for the film to bind on, no that you!)

 This was all inspired by a costume a friend wore last year, a rather fantastic zombie\ghost. So she will be immortalized with digital imagery in character. After seeing what the apparition looked like on fabric, I thought there could be more substance to the illusion. So... her apparition will be projected both onto the scrim and a wall of fog.

 Better yet, I was able to get a LCD overhead projection panel for 10 bucks on eBay, and thanks to some connections I will have aan overhead projector in the near future.

 For now, I do have a holiday projector to use for the light source. In prototype the idea is to have the light source and panel swivel back and forth slowly on a lazy suzan type apparatus, but this is really moot, since I can video anything I really want and just alter the image and projection window to do as I want. The biggest limitation to this is that I need to use a computer to drive the image on the LCD transparancy panel. Of course it will be rendered full screen output. But this computer itself needs to be indoors, the rest I can bable to, and build a moisture proof house  for the panel et al.


Pics and details as I continue with construction.



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