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It is with heavy hearts that I tell you of this news.

My dear friends, Janie and Jim Pohlman, who brought much joy into my life by placing Simba (the first chow chow) with us, lost their beloved pup Lexis, to an accident. Apparently her lead slipped from the hand of Jim, who was walking three of the chows, and Lexis took it on her own to head to the house as the walk always ends. She ran into the street, and into the path of a car. Fortunately, it was quick and Lexis probably never felt a thing.

Janie, I only wish I could tell you how sad I am that this has happened, and that Lexis was brought to bring so much joy in a very short time.
lexis1.jpg (29980 bytes)
the lexis as an itty-bitty.

Whoa...... whatta week!!!!!! This week was a brutal one for your host. 87 hours of airport design in 5 days, 150 in 10, I am so glad this deliverable is at the printers and I can get some sleep. Mr. Barron has graced me with his presence, fresh in from Cinci, by way of Medina (visiting with the Robertsons and the fresh to the family Zack).

Amazingly, after a bout of yard work (and a small spending spree on tools) a bar-b-q ensued, attended by some distinguished Sigma Chi Alums, George Perlic (plus sons, and a cameo by Missy), and Eric McAffee (go to the re-opened Pickle Bills to see a whole load of Erics latest masterpieces).

We're ba....aaack.. Thank god for inventing vacations, snow, and the genius who thought of skis. What a trip, spring skiing in Colorado with a powder day to top it all off. We travelled on the airways officially sponsored by Satan (TWA for those of you who didnt know) and spent some time trapped in Purgatory (aka St. Louis) in both directions (I'll post the scathing letter to TWA in the next week or 4). Anywho.... the skiing rocked, and big brother Marc made some superb suggestions on lodging. A tune up day in Eldora (where I brilliantly forgot my credit card with a call from mother nature whilst getting our demo skis), 3 days skiing in Steamboat, and another 3 in Vail in the back bowls, and the newly opened Blue Sky Basin. All followed up with some shopping in vail village, then on to Wondervue for some cocktails, grilling and stogies at 9600' with a scenic sunset, before packing and travelling back to Cleveland. The trip could have been perfect if not for the need to actually use a means of conveyance, since not only did TWA suck, but we got rear ended in Toms truck on the way home from dropping off Scott (yes that is as in Scott Furman, who went on the trip).

Pictures to follow.....

Yeah its been a loooong while. Well, I am back and the web is being expanded if adelphia ever gets there poo together. I'll post some of the old party pics soon, I know, I know, I have been terrible about this. Lets see there was the Cajun-fest, The Cedar Point coaster trip, Halloween 2K, the New Years Eve 2K-fest, The Cinci coaster trip, and the New Orleans trip. Now on to this year...hmmm got laid off back around memorial, at least with my management position, I had a decent severance package. The summer has been one of working on the house, fixing this, ripping out that, stripping the other thing, and installing this and that...sheesh. Now that its October, I am prepping for halloween (as many of you know, also our anniversary) by making as many new haunt objects as possible. It should be sweet, and I expect as many of you out there to make it a point to come to the party on the 27th!!!!!! Please bring yer little folks, from 6-8:30, for trick or treating, but they are banished from 8:30 on, as it will be adults only time until you want to check out for the evening.

Happy B-Day mudder

Absolutely amazing, Leo and I finally got the hot water to the attic working without leaks, so visitors, the third floor is open for company!

What a PITA, but its satisfying as hell to have it done, now I need to get fixtures and a new shower surround for the claw footed tub up there. Anyone know how to put in flooring? Had to make a few holes thru the hardwood with the sawz-all to figure out what the hell was wrong up there. Halloween decorations are coming along, but with 9 days left until the party I am getting nervous about completing everything. If you got time , please let me know, I can use all the help I can get.

In other news, imagine to my suprise when I get a call from TFR (aka Tom Robertson) that our brother at large, Mr. Rick Barron (aka M-head) has once again taken the plunge.

For those of you that know, he has been dating Anita (found via a dating service), and apparently popped the question and hastily wed her some 2.5 weeks later in Tennessee, without inviting, oh, any of us! Dick, when you read this, I want you to know, I am going to torture you for this slight. If not for the steadfast observance of Susan Robertson perusing the barron homepage, we still wouldn't know about this.

Other news! I recieved a letter this morning saying I have been accepted as a member of the National Ski Patrol and begin training on the 27th, which will at first consist of hillside first aid, then next season I will start toboggan training.

For the curious, I have as of yet to recieve an offer, but I have interviewed with a company in Denver, Co. as an applications Engineer, specializing in Land Development Desktop (autocad application), back in the beginning of February. This got me a trip out west, so I spent time with Mini over the weekend and got a little skiing in, and tried the 4x4 Dynastars 197s I picked up of the web for a song. Also interviewed with an engineering firm in Richfield, Oh. as a Civil Designer.  I should here from them this week. If these dont work out, I have been offered a position as a Technical Recruiter with one of the head-hunters who have been diligently trying to place me. At least I have a fall-back.

The kitchen is almost finished, I am currently replumbing hot water to the 2nd floor guest bathroom, then closing the walls back up and plastering them.

Oh yeah, I am finally going to start selling the old Innerspace stock off this website, and E-bay.

I have started MCSE classes, and National Ski Patrol training. Still waiting to here about the Civil Designer position in Richfield, maybe today with any luck. The kitchen is progressing, with stripping and painting the windows and trim, and I have drywalled and plastered the areas walls were removed from. Still needs mudwork and skimcoating, but its moving along. Halloween prep has begun again, with new projects on the drawing board, and on the shop floor. Inventory of the old ISA merchandise is almost complete, and I have begun listing items on ebay. Its been nice to reclaim space in the basement.

Sad news - Sarah Gardner, took her own life last weekend, and we are saying good-bye today. I once made her a promise to send her off with a stiff drink, the good stuff, and I will honor that request. She will be missed. To the parents, and sisters, I am so sorry, I will always have love for her in my heart, as I know you have and will always love her.

Good news - Our favorite bum, Scott Furman, has returned relatively unscathed from his trek out west skiing, sounds like the trip was a blast.

Other news - The Barrons have by now completed consolidating their households as one, taking residence in Anitas home, until said time that Rick can ascetain that his position will continue to exist at P&G. I think after that, they will consider a slightly larger abode.

Yes, to all you whom have received the "I killed my system" email, I hadnt had my coffee when I did that, and am still kicking myself in the ass for it. If you havent yet, send me your contact info so I can re-add you to my listings please.

Oh, if anyone knows how to reach Maria Valenza (from Livingston) let me know, I have been wondering how she and hubby have been the last 10+ years. I recently heard from Jonathan Goldberg, rather a suprise, to say the least, great hearing from you Jon.

Also, my brother Gregg a few months back now, has gotten divorced from his now ex-wife Becky, and bought a new house in the KC area.

I think that covers just about everything, more if I think of it, and more next month of course!

Well, its been an interesting month, more, 2 to be honest.
Richfield spot, nada, I got strung along, word is I was the hiring manager choice, but the principals were thinking with their wallets. But I keep in touch hoping that something will work out.

I can say first hand, the job market officially sucks, particularly for a civil designer, so I have chosen to focus more on the IT side. Into the third section of the MCSE program, which by the way has now been paid for in full by the ULA via the AFL-CIO in the form of a grant, so one less major financial burden to be concerned with.

Next I am officially a basic patrol in the National Ski Patrol, hill testing and full certification starts in August. So, if you get broken skiing, dont come whining to me, you'll kill my buzz. Well you know the truth, when HAVENT I been there to pick up the pieces????

More schooling - I have completed a program to get more funding for training, thinking of the transfer engineering program, CCNE and NNE certs, I believe this is good up to 10G. l'll be filing paper work by the end of the week to get that grant money too, if I cant work I might as well be working on education.

Holy cow, Matt Bauman and I just went to Bath, Me. for our 20th re-union at Hyde. I never really expected to return to Hyde, but it was a good thing. To those of you from Hyde seeing the website, I am working on the pics, culling out the useless ones, they will be on the pics pages shortly.

I cant think of much more pertinent info, so back to your own lives, and how about a note once in a while??? All you Hydites, email me with contact info so we can keep in touch.

A lot has changed since I last put up a posting here. Lets see, I have finished my MCSE and MC-DBA training, now its a lot of reading and tests for the certs.

Ski season has ended for the year, I got in almost 90 days of skiing, and around 750,000 feet of vertical, lost 6 inches off the waist, and

stayed a solid 210. Also became a Basic Ski Patroller with Boston Mills/Brandywines, and now am getting on towards the Senior status, by becoming a trainer.

Rick and Anita are trying for kids, Marc and Cori are due in June, Anne and Ted had the latest a few months back, as did Tom and Nike.

The soon to be ex Lisa finished her SA/ST training, we separated shortly in September, and again for good in December. after a very short attempt at counseling she stated the Beckyism "I'm Done" - so its splitsville for us, divorce impending, hopefully we can get by with a dissolution and try to be amicable.

Somehow I am making a living enough to get by selling the old Innerspace inventory on ebay, holding my head above water until I land a new position, I am getting sick of job hunting, but so far in this market, the auctioning is keeping me from doning a hairnet and saying welcome to McDonalds.

Been working on the house, we had a little water issue, came home one night to find it raining in the living room and the office, so that was a fun evening. Plasterwork has been repaired, but I have been ripping open walls to insulate around the house, making me do more plastering! Guess I get to strip lots of wallpaper and do a lot of painting soon.

I will hopefully get a few tenants in here by summer as well to help with the bills and mortgage. 

Cant think of much else at the moment, except that I am trying better living thru chemistry (little prozac) at my counselors advice, seems to do NOTHING.

Things are ever evolving, finished 5 of my cert tests in mcse, 2 in mcdba, getting closer everyday now, lots of studying to be done, and the last 2 months thats been tuff. Had been working in the Cleveland Municipal School District as a contractor consultant for dell installing a few thousand computers, of which the latest phase of the intall completed friday past.  Also been working at Dicks Last Resort, as a barback/bouncer/doorman on weekends, its fun, but tiring. At least I can be my usual loud sarcastic self without actually offending anyone (its the point of the bar), so is right up my alley. Have run into folks I havent seen in years, and I guess this would be as good a time as any to say I have been gettting compliments on trimming down. Slim 200 and loos change these days, working the 12 pack back to a 6 pack, and feeling really good.

Been moving the divorce forward, Lisa and I are being amicable, for the most part, with an argument or 2 here and there, hoping to file this next week and get that court date asap.  

Only eBaying on occasion while working, too much time doing jobs to mess with it, but I like to try to clear out the rest of the stuff from the old innerspace and regain some shelves and basement space.

Kitchen has been put to back burner for the most part (clearing violations from the city), so been working on the exterior as weather permits (very rainy this spring).

Been dating, and I can say its been good, maybe some day I will find the right woman and you all can meet her. 

About better living thru chemistry, glad to see it does almost nothing, but I seem to be in the best spirits I have been in a loooong time, and I finally have started to sleep 7-8 hours at a clip, I forgot what it was like to feel refreshed when you wake up.

Al passed away 6 weeks back, the poor kitty just got too old and he died peacefully with me caring for him all night, his last act as Al, was to crawl to the most inaccessable spot in the house to pass away, the brat. Had to rip open a wall to get him out, hes buried up front now, and he can haunt the yard on halloween and feel right at home. The balance of the beast are well and good, tho Desi is in heat right now and she has the devil in her, what a goofy dog.

Well well, I am a lucky SOB if I can convince this lovely woman I met that what we are developing is real. She is everything I have sought in my life, the companion that I never knew existed. With good fortune, and a little faith, she will begin meeting all of you as the next few weeks, months and (I hope it doesnt take me this long to get to see many of you) years unfold. Anyhow, Here is the woman that has captured my heart and soul, its my pleasure to introduce Brenda (last name being withheld to protect the innocent), she is on the left, her sister Ann Marie on the right. 

Scratch the last remarks regarding the Bren, I was a bit presumptuous. Why are they all crazed? More news coming soon.

OK, I get an invitation to my sister Lisa' wedding in Vail in January via email, not exactly traditional, but what do I expect, hell, I had only learned a few weeks before that she was even seeing anyone these days....

Lets See, Birthday was good, had my first date with Jasmine, who I have been seeing since, so we are just over 2 months together now. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my cousin Cindy, who suddenly passed after elective surgery, leaving behind the love of her life Jay, plus their daughter and son in the wake. Cin, we will all miss you, I hope you are in a better place.

Just before mid-month October, I got called back to the CMSD installation project and have been working on that since, and was called in to work on a multi-year project for Moen as a Pro-E designer consultant. Its good work with a very flexible schedule working via telecommute.

I was able to tell mom I would be working full time again as a birthday present. Speaking of which I went back to NJ for the second time October (the first time was for Cindys funeral) for moms 75th birthday. We (the brothers and I, plus Rona and Lisa) planned a gather at the Star Tavern for pizza and booze as a suprise party for mom, inviting the family to come.

Every one in the family (and some friends of course) did a fantastic job of lying thru their teeth to mom, telling her they all had different plans and would meet up with her sometime in the next week or so to have little birthday lunches, dinners, cocktails, etc. when in reality they were all planning to attend this gathering we organized. Mom was completely suprised, and absolutely loved the whole thing.

Halloween was awesome. It was Jasmines first true halloween (she is from China only having been here for 4 years) and she really enjoyed the whole production, and took some great pictures which I will post soon in the pictures section of Minions Web. We got 333 kids and about 150 parents this year for trick or treating, a new record for the haunt. The party was a blast, tho I did sack out early being so beat from the week setting up the hunat short 2 weeks from having been out of town so much this month, but the party went on with me dead to the world!

November so far, pretty uneventful, preparing for turkey day (hope you all have a moist gobbler and fluffy spuds) and probably spending part of that weekend in Pittsburgh meeting some of Jasmines friends. Figure I should be in for a dose of Ikea for some items for the house. Gonna see if the Robertsons are going to be down that way that weekend, and try to hunt down my old room-mate Joe Glascow for a few cold ones and some shits and giggles.

December looks to be fairly calm, considering a weekend back in NJ/NY at X-mas so Jaz can see her cousin, hit up Rockefeller plaza for some skating, FAO Schwartz for giggles, and to check out the neighbors holiday displays to see how huge its grown (only been 10 or more years since I have seen it last). Plan to be back before NYE though, dont want to miss the appliance toss.

Thats all I have for now, more as things progress.

Once again, no real news, but better to write a little than nothing. Jaz and I are still together, and talking about a future. Work is slow but I have had calls for interviews, cross your fingers, maybe a real job will finally happen. More house repairs, a little at a time, Lisa is almost all the way out, I will move her last belongings to the garage with the next warm-up. The Cromes are looking for a new home, and have filled half a bay of the garage with furnishings while getting prepared to place the house on the market. Have some new irons in the fire, making new halloween props of course, started up a halloween prop business (check out the products pages), Jaz wants to start importing from China and selling on eBay (we will be doing test auctions this week). Pretty much covers it, more later.

Long time no update! Lets see, al ot has occured. another halloween come and gone, with another great load (600+) of ToTers. Jaz and I are still together, very happily and are officially living together as of Sunday (we emptied the apartment of the last items today). Her mother is staying with us, on a 6 month visit from China....been almost 2 weeks, and I am not sick of chinese food yet, can she cook!.

Great news! after all this time I was offered a position back in February and have been working the last 10 weeks as a Content Engineer (think of web content but in a medical context) for a Medical Software company that produces what is called an EMR (electronic medical reporting). Now to get the house back to snuff, the bank account rebuilt, and all my debt repaid.

The family all gathered in KC for Greggs 50th b-day, and it was a great time, god I love you guys!

The ex finally, finally after over 2 years got the last of her sh....stuff out of here, so in theory I have my house back, but its now filled with different stuff (Jasmines).

Since you are on the website, by now you know that MinionsWeb produces some halloween products these days, guess you cannot kill the entreprenuer in me. Much to my suprise the biz is doing far better than anticipated and saved me from absolute bankruptcy. Granted its seasonal, but orders are already trickling in this year.

The Cromes' have gotten their new home in Mentor, and its great digs, they have settled in quite nicely.

The aplpiance toss was great this year, tho personal participation was limited thanks to a sprained ankle as a result of a day of banging the bumps and jumps, skiing with Joel.

Skiing, ah, yes, back to patrolling, now that I can afford the gas to get there! It was a pretty good season, no out of town trips, but 40 days local was very nice. Even managed to teach Jaz how to ski all the way to parallel in one season.

Everyone plan on coming over for the cajun party  this summer, I will put out word when in the near future.

Til next installment, be great!

Pending Big days this month - Gregg 3/25 Richard Jackie, David and Jenny all around 3/9-11 Brian 3/2

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