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 Minions Web is a Ghoul School Premier Head of the Class Haunt Site

 Welcome to Minions Web Halloween Hauntings - my attempt to expand on your imagination and help you with your home, charity or professional haunt.

Its time to show you what fun and horror we had and will have tormenting the souls of all those brave enough to pass through the gates of
Minion Manor & Cemetery.

Its a pleasure bringing the Halloween holiday we love to our friends and neighbors.

Not just the fun we will have with the Party and all the friends who make the annual trek to attend it, but also what is involved preparing for the night of Halloween, the entertainment provided by our young guests in their quest for treats, and the absolute fun those who participate in the haunt itself get.
Click to see full size - Minion Manor Haunt 2003

So on we go deep into the recesses of our zaniness.
Come one, Come All

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MinionsWeb offers many original and exclusive
Halloween products for your entertainment
and to delight your Trick or Treaters

We are proud to be able to inform you that
Ohio hosts the annual Mid-West Haunters Convention in Columbus

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