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Avery will show his support for children with cancer by shaving his head
with Team Pack 96 on March 6th.
Please help him raise money to help find the cure for childrens cancer
St Baldricks Foundation is 2nd only to the US goverment
in funding childrens cancer research.

Click here to visit Avery's donation page at St Baldricks website.

St Baldricks Foundation


This Operations FAQS Page contains information regarding:


General Info:

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding our merchandise.

Ordering is as simple as clicking on the skull below each item we offer. Some items may have the option to select color, and/or size, and/or quantity. Be sure to make all your choices before clicking the oval green skull.

Should you make an error ordering, you can change the quantity and time in the check out window.

We only accept Purchase orders with established accounts.

Please be aware we are a very small company, and all work is done in the off hours from our jobs. MinionsWeb is a labor of love. We have put in years to start this company from scratch with no assets, to what it has become over the past 8 years.

Since we are so small, we get very very busy from August to November for Halloween orders, and from February thru June from the trade show and regional gatherings we offer our products at.

During these periods we will ship as soon as possible, but we reserve the right to delay shipping 6-8 weeks to meet production demands, paper work from hell, package all of your orders and acquire all the stock.


My wife and I both have real jobs, and work 50-60 weeks, and are raising a bay ... time is not kind to our days!

I am on the computer all day via the office, and on and off all evening following up on emails. You need to make quick contact, that is the absolute best way to reach us. Often we will reply within minutes. On occassion it may take up to 24 hours. But you will get a reply.

The point is, we have some inventory on hand and can likely ship items out the next day if you are in a crunch.

We hate the phone, it eats time, email, don't phone! We will of course call you back if you leave a message, but it may take a few days, and the message machine fills fast!

Payments FAQ

Payment Types :

MinionsWeb.com accepts:

Credit Card processing via PayPal.

   Visa  Mastercard  Discover  American Express  eCheck
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and Personal Checks  (10 business days to clear)

We can take phone and fax orders, but cannot accept payment via phone of fax. Currently we proccess payment via paypal, thru which we can accept payments via paypal account, or credit card. To pay be credit card without a paypal account, we MUST invoice you to an email address. You will then be able to pay with your credit card via the paypal interface, without initiating a paypal account.

We cannot accept credit card payment directly for phone orders.

We are currently working with paypal to establish a virtual terminal service to process phone and fax orders directly with your payment information, but we are unsure when that service will be in place. Much work will need to be performed on the website to enable the feature.

Physical payments with order can be sent to:

Minions Web
3372 Mayfield Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Shipping FAQ

Shipping Overview:

We ship most merchandise USPS priority service.
Yes, this means it will spend "X" amount of days in transit, but it does not mean it will leave our location the same day it is ordered.
We try to bundle up as many orders as possible for weekly shipments.
YES we DO ship internationally and Overnight Express!
Contact us to be assured we have your items in stock at the time of your order!


USPS Shipping Services:

  • Express Mail (1 - 2 Days)
  • Priority Mail (2 - 3 Days)
  • Priority International (5 - 14 Days)

Fulfillment Overview:

We make every effort to get orders out in 96 hours.
Please remember, this business is a full time SIDE venture in addition to our full time jobs.
We also have a our family and small children requiring our attention too.
This is a small family business...please keep that in mind.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping will be included on the invoice unless otherwise noted in an item listing.
All listed shipping on items is for Priority (2 day to most areas) shipping.
Each separate item has its own shipping cost determined by weight through our online store interface.
It also calculate how many boxes are needed to fulfill an order.
This means what you order may ship for less than listed, or it may be more.
We do NOT refund the difference.
We do NOT ask you to pay the difference if your shipping payment doesnt meet our cost.
This saves us time, and you money overall (time does equal money, and you would have that time added to the overall pricing of our products). The only time we will request shipping payment is for items without shipping listed where we must determine shipping costs via the carrier.
(typically oversized, or large items)


Production Period Shipping:

During the January thru June we will ship within 96 hours if inventory allows.
In that period we are gearing up for trade show season, and rebuilding inventory levels from the previous year, as time permits.
We advise you to email prior to ordering to determine if items are currently in stock or if they are in production,
Especially if you need product prior to June.

Peak Period Shipping:

In peak season period mid-July thru October) shipping can be delayed up to 15 BUSINESS DAYS.
This can be longer if your order includes items in a production run, or scheduled for a production run.
Inventory can be short or out, and we may wait for some unknown reason for suppliers to get merchandise to us.
We do this due to the nature of suppliers.

Stock Overview:

Regardless of our best efforts after 9 years of business, we cannot predict annual demand.
We estimate annual demand based on the previous years' orders.
Iin January we order components to manufacture inventory according to those figures.
We can and do run out before the close of the season.

Out of Stock Fulfillment :

We MAY bring in more inventory to meet orders.
In those cases, unless you specify differently, we will ship a partial order.
As soon as the back-ordered merchandise arrives, ship it out to you.

Shipping Quotes:

As stated earlier, our store interface calulates the shipping cost.
You can find out shipping on your order at any time by simply reviewing your shopping cart.
It is in your best interest to contact us, if you don't know what it will cost to get an item to you.
We will happily provide you with a quote.

Shipping Refunds:

Shipping costs are non-refundable.


E-mail: customerservice@minionsweb.com



Cancelled or Refused orders will be assessed 50% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable.We do not offer refunds on used merchandise (webbers, air cannons, etc)Due to the seasonal nature of our business returns are not accepted for refund or exchange. You must have a return authorization number (RMA#) prior to returning the product, for any reason, or we will refuse delivery.

E-mail: customerservice@minionsweb.com


Typically, our manufactured items will operate for years, without need for service, but we get occasional defective components. Should you experience a defective product, within 10 days of reciept, we will ship you a replacement at no cost. Just contact customerservice@minionsweb.com and we will issue you an RMA#. Ship the original item back to us parcel post.

Should your item break, contact us for an RMA#, and ship it back to us (for fastest service request a return shipping quote with the RMA#).

We will examine the item, and determine if it is defective (if under warrantee dictated in the operating instruction sheet) we will repair or replace it (at our discretion) and return it to you.

If it is not under warrantee, we will provide you with a repair cost quote, before proceeding to repait the item.

All service requests must have proof of purchase date to have warrantee honored. We provide that with your reciept and instructions when originally shipped. Retain those items in your records!

If we have sold you another companies product, we will assist you with warrantee service, but do not handle it personally. You must approach the manufacturer. We wil gladly provide you with contact information to facilitate you service needs.



We offer specific products to resellers, please contact the owner to discuss terms, costs, and any other matters.

We will happily consider offering your products. Please forward any relevant sales information to the the owner for review.


LED Candles

Benifits to LED lighting usage:

LED light source eliminates need for bulb replacement They are typically rated for 100,000 hours of use.

Incredibly energy efficient

Cool to the touch, Safe and easy to operate - no heat generated! Every Haunted house should have these for fire safety!

Most LED candle use batteries, in many cases you can retro fit units to accept wall warts. When wired to wall warts, you can also centrally or micro-proccesor control the operations.

Depending on the candle, batteries last anywhere from 40 to 700 hours.

Realistic flickering light, superb for inside pumpkins, luminaries or just to place around the haunt!


Wax & wick Candles are a Fire Risk.

Candlelight creates a warm ambiance at parties, restaurants, weddings or simply at home. However, candles are also a potential fire hazard. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are responsible for three percent of all fatal fires and six percent of fire-related injuries in the United States. It's no wonder that home and interior decorators, businesses, churches and public facilities are banning candles and looking for safe lighting alternatives.


Battery Operated LED Candles are a Safe, Realistic Alternative.

Electrical and battery operated candles have been around for many years, but they have rarely been able to replace the soft flickering light generated by a traditional candle...until now. With the advent of the light emitting diode (LED) and advanced circuitry, today's modern battery operated candles realistically mimic the traditional candle. These new flameless, flickering candles are so good, that we often hear from our customers the funny tales of people being fooled by the realism of our LED candles.


Battery Operated Candles are Safe for Children and Asthmatics.

There are many people who would like to be able to enjoy the warm flicker of a candle, but cannot for reasons of health and safety. Children are facinated by candles, and all too often play with fire, causing harm to themselves and others. Our flameless, waxless, smokeless LED candles are safer to have in a home with children than traditional wax candles. Furthermore, our candles have zero emissions, unlike wax candles that fill the air with smoke particles that are particularly troublesome to those individuals with asthma. The battery operated candles we offer are the safe, clean alternative to old-fashioned candles.


Flameless Flickering Candles can be Imprinted.

Our tea lights, votive candles and votive containers can all be custom imprinted with your logo or phrase. Wedding planners should consider our votives as part of a decorative centerpeice, imprinted with the bride and groom's name and wedding date. We offer great bulk discounts and our imprinting is fast and affordable.



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