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This Products FAQS Page contains information regarding:

  • Webbers
  • Webbing
  • Air Cannons
  • LED Lights

More as we expand the product lines.

Cob Web Shooters

General Info:

All our webbers use 110vAC power.

All MinionsWeb Webber models can use ANY hot glue sticks - low, high or all temperature. The only critical criteria is they are 1/2" or 12mm (sometimes labeled 7/16")



You need an air compressor to operate all MinionsWeb web guns.

We recommend using a compressor with NO LESS THAN 4 cfm @ 90 PSI.

The guns are best with pressure set to 60 PSI at the compressor.

They are safe in excess of 150 PSI, but recommended maximum operating pressure (for good results) should never be higher than 90 PSI.

We suggest the compressor be with an 8 gallon tank minimum.

We do exhibit our guns at some shows using a compressor with a 4 gallon tank, smaller can be done.
At other shows we will use house air (regulated down to 90 PSI from their feed) and a reserve tank (see the effects product page if you would like to order one).
At home we use our Sears Craftsmen 26 gallon compressor.

No, a tire inflator will not work.

Some compressor recommendations:(each listing linked, click to follow)

4 GALLON PANCAKE COMPRESSOR 4.2 SCFM @ 90 PSI 115V Oil lubricated


8 GALLON 5 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oil lubricated

8 GALLON 5.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oil lubricated

21 GALLON 3 HP 4.9 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oil lubricated

33 gal. Vertical 4.9 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oilless (in Horizontal too)

26 gal. Vertical 6.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oilless (in Horizontal too)

33 gal. Vertical 6.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI 120V Oilless (in Horizontal too)

29 GALLON 14.5 CFM @ 90 PSI 220V

30 GALLON 11.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI 230V

Sizing Webbers for your needs:

If you will be applying webbing outside, in climates where the temperatures may drop below 70 when you will be shooting your webbing, you will want to use a higher wattage webber. Please contact us to discuss your webber needs and we will make sure you have the appropriate webber for your application.

MW-1 2# / Hr. 200 - 500 70 3 40 min.
MW-C 3# / Hr. 750 - 2000 60 7 30 min.
MW-CCL 6.5# / Hr. 2000 - 5000 45 8 15 min.
MW-D 7# / Hr. 4000 - 10000 >32 10 45 seconds
MW-P 11# / Hr. 2500 - 6000 40 7 25 min.

The MW-1 will need to reheat often as the outdoor temps cool to or below 70°. You will be able to put 2-3 glue sticks thru it before reheat is needed at that temperature.

The MW-C will need to reheat often as the outdoor temps cool to or below 60 °. You will be able to put 6-10 glue sticks thru it before reheat is needed at that temperature.

The other models do not have these restrictions, but be sensible.



Plug the gun into any GFCI protected grounded or polarized outlet, and allow it to warm up for until the trigger moves without resistance. Never squeeze trigger while the gun is cold.

Always have a linen cloth (or other lint free material) in the opposite of your shooting hand to carefully wipe excess glue from the gun tip.

When shooting webbing, test on items with delicate finishes, newly painted surfaces, and fabrics, in a small inconspicuous area before cob-webbing everything.

When shooting on walls/ceilings, it is not necessary, but we recommend applying a scrim layer.
This provides the webbing a rough to get a hold of, cheesecloth works great for this.
The webbing will adhere to walls and ceilings, but clean up is easier if you use a scrim layer.
We recommend a drop cloth on the floor when spraying walls and ceilings.

When applying webbing over fabric surfaces, shoot the webbing from the furthest distance possible, this allows the webbing to cool substantially before landing on the surface minimizing the chance it will adhere to the fabric. Avoid shooting webbing on fabrics with open weaves.

We do not advise it, but, we have had customers request information on how to apply webbing to a person.
YOU MUST DO SO WITH GREAT CARE. The glue comes out of the gun over 385° and will cause severe burns.
Shoot cobwebs OVER the person in question from a distance greater than 10' at very low pressure. Allow the webbing to drape over the person. Never shoot the webbing at uncovered flesh, at the eyes, or delicate areas.

When shooting outside, use the wind in your favor, always shoot to downwind, this will let the webbing carry further.


Clean Up:

Clean up is as simple as pulling off the webbing and wadding it up.

On walls and ceilings, it is easiest to rub the webbing off with your fingers.

Difficult to remove spots can be chilled with an ice pack or cube to facilitate clean up.


Warrantee & Support:

Yep, warrantee 1 yr from purchase (don’t pull triggers when they are cold dammit, I don’t warrantee that!).

We completely support your use of our webbers, via phone, email or in person. Many people can tell you I have done infinite letters and phone calls with them to make sure they figure out how to shoot webs. I have taught previous buyers in the middle of trade shows, gone to haunts to teach owners and crews how to use them. I taught Gadget in my basement.

We will be producing an instructional video shortly (posting both on the website and shipping copies with cobwebbers). You can also download instuction sheets as shipped with the webbers here.

We stand behind what we manufacture.
All Minions Webbers are hand made, in the US, from UL listed glue guns (not we have a sticker for that) and the airlines are rated to 400PSI.

Safety is our first concern.

You may find a similar product elsewhere, but you will never find a product that compares to ours. We invented gun based cob webbers, we has spent years refining and improving them, plus great time and expense patenting our technology. If it isn't a MInions Webber, you are getting gyped.

"Webs so real, they fool spiders™"


Using our webshooters will not allow you to have spiderman like web shooters that you can swing from, if you attach these to your wrists. The only thing that will occur is severe burning. If you are foolish enough to believe you will be able to perform such a stunt, we suggest you have a long talk with a professional whose opinion you trust and believe in.


MinionsWeb Hot Glue Webbing

General Info:

Our glues are manufactured to our specifications, for us, exclusively. Our distributors specifies that they are offering MInionsWeb glues, accept no imitations!

We provide only the finest grade 7/16" (nominal 1/2") glue sticks hot melt adhesives for webbing.  

For use in ANY 1/2" High or Low Temperature glue guns

This webbing is water proof, rain will not knock it down, humidity doesn't bother it. Holds up in winds up to 30 mph. Color fast for over 9 months, and does not stain.

The webbing easily cleans off scenery, props, cloth, plastic, metal and walls without damage.

We offer all our glues in one pound bagged & 25 pound case increments.

Most of the sticks are 4" unless noted otherwise.

ONLY MinionsWeb offers FIRESAFE & Non-Toxic Glues.


Best price we have seen for plain hot glue sticks, Wal-Mart - 3.97/lb.

1 lb of MinionsWeb GlueStix, NeonStix, GlowStix, UVStix, and DarkStix will nicely cover approximately 500 sq. ft. or 200 li. ft.  of details, walls, props, fencing, shrubs, etc.

1 lb of MinionsWeb BloodStix will go a very long way applying blood features to masks, costumes and props, approximately 50 linear feet of 3/16" dripping blood streams / 6 square feett of pooled blood.

MinionsWeb GlueStix will not bleed colors onto other items, it is color fast 18 months in sunlight, it does not attract insects or promote the growth of mold or mildew.

Our glues can be used in Hi or Low temperature guns, and can be used in glue pots.


Boomer Series Air Cannons

General Info:

Location is not by your power supply, our Boomer Series Air Cannons use 9vDC battery power.

The Boomer Series Air Cannons are designed to operate at 30 PSI.

All of our Air Cannons are tuned in the shop before shipping, to perform best between 25-30PSI.

Only the Boomer air cannons can fire extremely loud, terrifying shots every 5 seconds or less!

Add our compressor-less kit and wireless triggers for completely automated remote operation, perfect for Haunted Woods, Corn Mazes, Haunt Trails, Haunted Houses and can serve as an excellent pest deterrent. Yje kit will permit 160 blasts.

Boomers can be oriented ANY way you want. Want it high above and shooting down? To either side and shooting across? Firing from below up their legs? How about on an angle? NO OTHER AIR CANNON CAN DO THIS!

Othermakers air cannons must run at a 125PSI fire once each 2 minutes, and use 10+ gallons of air. The Boomers can fire off 10-50 times with on the same compressor tank, because we use so much less air presure and volume in the same 2 minute span!



One of the reasons it looks entirely different than your typical tank release cannons, is that the Boomer Series air cannon itself is the tank, and barrel is a simple component. Since the body is the tank, we need to construct from tube structures.

Metal structures would need welding, pressure testing, & x-rays to confirm integrity. We chose ABS for its light weight, simplicity to machine, and natural safety properties.

Also, do you really want us to ship you a Steel or Aluminum behemoth at ridiculous costs?

Since no other Air Cannon on the market is remotely similar, we are patenting the concept.


Safety Design:

Why ABS construction? ABS is both strong and light. It also has inherent safety qualities.

ABS pipe by nature of its production if it should be over pressure limits, will split along an extrusion line in the material, often the split will result simply in a bubble that finally burst harmlessly.

We also add a galvanized steel secondary sleeve around the ABS chamber, as its better to be safe than sorry. The sleeve is designed to expand and give from a pressure burst.

Plus the cdannons are designed not to burst. The diaphragm material we use inside the cannon will safely split at 50-60PSI, disabling it.



Other Tank Type Air "Cannon"

Boomer Series Air Cannons

Is that exciting or scary?
125 dB loud, very startling!
120+ PSI operating pressure
Safe & low 30PSI operating pressure
Safety features??? Built in safety features:
Safety Diaphragm, Double wall construction, DC operation.
2 or more minute recharge time 6 second or less recharge time
(2 seconds has been reported)
AC power, can be very hazardous DC battery power, very low voltage
(AC adapter available at additional cost)
Either be close to an outlet or use eExtension cords
Contained single 9V battery
that will last for seasons!
1 trigger at a time Uses any of the MinionsWeb triggers at same time, or your own trigger device, just use a 1/4" audio splitter.
trigger length hard to extend Extend the trigger up to 100' with readily available 1/4" audio cable or up to 3000' with our wireless triggers
Connect to a large reservoir/compressor Use your compressor connection or attach to a Nitrogen, CO2 or Oxygen bottle for complete portability
13+" x 20+" x 24+" going to hide that easily? SO little for so much!
8" x 8" x length, simple to conceal
Mounts horizontally Horizontal, vertical, upside down:
It just doesn't matter to Boomers
Needs regular disassembly to drain condensation or you risk ruining valve and tank with rust and debris Its plastic!


LED Candles

Benifits to LED lighting usage:

LED light source eliminates need for bulb replacement They are typically rated for 100,000 hours of use.

Incredibly energy efficient

Cool to the touch, Safe and easy to operate - no heat generated! Every Haunted house should have these for fire safety!

Most LED candle use batteries, in many cases you can retro fit units to accept wall warts. When wired to wall warts, you can also centrally or micro-proccesor control the operations.

Depending on the candle, batteries last anywhere from 40 to 700 hours.

Realistic flickering light, superb for inside pumpkins, luminaries or just to place around the haunt!


Wax & wick Candles are a Fire Risk.

Candlelight creates a warm ambiance at parties, restaurants, weddings or simply at home. However, candles are also a potential fire hazard. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are responsible for three percent of all fatal fires and six percent of fire-related injuries in the United States. It's no wonder that home and interior decorators, businesses, churches and public facilities are banning candles and looking for safe lighting alternatives.


Battery Operated LED Candles are a Safe, Realistic Alternative.

Electrical and battery operated candles have been around for many years, but they have rarely been able to replace the soft flickering light generated by a traditional candle...until now. With the advent of the light emitting diode (LED) and advanced circuitry, today's modern battery operated candles realistically mimic the traditional candle. These new flameless, flickering candles are so good, that we often hear from our customers the funny tales of people being fooled by the realism of our LED candles.


Battery Operated Candles are Safe for Children and Asthmatics.

There are many people who would like to be able to enjoy the warm flicker of a candle, but cannot for reasons of health and safety. Children are facinated by candles, and all too often play with fire, causing harm to themselves and others. Our flameless, waxless, smokeless LED candles are safer to have in a home with children than traditional wax candles. Furthermore, our candles have zero emissions, unlike wax candles that fill the air with smoke particles that are particularly troublesome to those individuals with asthma. The battery operated candles we offer are the safe, clean alternative to old-fashioned candles.


Flameless Flickering Candles can be Imprinted.

Our tea lights, votive candles and votive containers can all be custom imprinted with your logo or phrase. Wedding planners should consider our votives as part of a decorative centerpeice, imprinted with the bride and groom's name and wedding date. We offer great bulk discounts and our imprinting is fast and affordable.



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