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A ring of ghosts around the tree hand in hand

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This one is a new bend on one of last years static prop ideas.
Illuminated with a black light for a good ethereal glow. hmmmm.... sounds like a prop in need of animation, dont you think?

ghostring.jpg (190571 bytes)
OK, I have been giving this one some thought, and have started working it out.
Start with:
1) sheet 3/4" ply
1) sheet 1/2" ply
2) sheets 1/4" luaun ply
1) piece 1" x 8" pine board 8' long
15) 7/8" x 36" dowels
10) pvc tees 1"
5) pvc reducers 1" x 3/4"
1) piece pvc 1" x 12" cut into 5) 2" pieces
5) pieces 7/8" id clear pvc hose x 4" (1/16" wall thickness is best)
5) wig heads
5) white sheets (or cheese cloth, tuelle, or no-see-um netting)
10) 1/4-20 x 2.5" hexhead bolts
5) 1/4-20 x 2" hexhead bolts
5) 1/4-20 x 1.5" hexhead bolts

3/4" ply into 10) 48 x 9.5" segments
grouter.jpg (70790 bytes)
grsegmentrendersm.gif (12523 bytes)
Take the ten pieces you have made once they have been routed with the slot and lay them out to form a ring. Use metal joiners to attach them together.

1/4" luaun ply into 20) 48 x 3.5" segments (sheet yields just under 30, save the extra chunk).

Now take the luaun slats you have made and insert the first outer band in the slot, gently bending them to fit. Then insert the rest of the pieces inside the first band. Offset from the edge of the first pieces end 24 inches, so the second band fits on center to the first band. You will have to trim 1 piece on each band to remove overlap.

You will need either a lot of clamps, or a few days to do the next step. Remove 1 piece from the inner band, apply waterproof wood glue liberally to the back, re-insert and clamp to the outer band pieces you have just glued. Repeat until all pieces have been glued and connected to form the laminated lower ring outer wall.

Tack nail the wall into the slot of the lower ring for added strength.

I am trying to fashion an upper edge clip to prevent the wall from delaminating.

grwallsegmentrender.gif (40166 bytes)
This will be referred to as the lower ring assembly.

At this time, if you chose you can use the wall as a guide to route the inner edge of the lower ring assembly to form a circle instead of a tetrahedron. Be sure to make it no narrower than the distance between the apex of the angles and the wall interior edge.

1/2" ply into 10) 48 x 8" segments
grupperdimsm.gif (5876 bytes)
grupperringcutdimensionssm.jpg (5569 bytes)
These elements will constitute the upper ring assembly (URA) platform when assembled. Take the ten pieces you have made
pair up the ends with like size notches, and lay them out to form a ring. Use metal joiners to attach them together. The larger notch pairs are for the ghost elevator wheel assemblies, the smaller notch pairs are for the ring wheel assemblies.

1" x 8" pine board into 10) 2.5" x 4" blocks with as little waste as possible.

Drill as stated in diagram below and set aside.
grwheelblocksmsm.jpg (10825 bytes)
Now you need 5 discs 2.75" diameter from the same board you made the blocks from. Drill the discs with a 5/16" drill bit on-center. This will be the axle hole. Sandwich 1 wheel between 2 blocks, with fender washers between the faces of the disc and blocks. Use 1 block drilled with the hole large enough for the bolt to pass thru in front, the other block drilled with the #7 bit in the back. These are the ring wheel assemblies. You will have 5 of these assemblies. Mount them to the upper ring assembly at the appropriate slots. Be sure they clear the the upper ring assembly bottom so that the whole assembly spins like a lazy susan.
grwheelassembsmsm.gif (16743 bytes)
grringwheels.gif (13156 bytes)

ghostring2.jpg (44033 bytes)
This will give you the parts to make the 12' basering, and inner ring assemblies segments
  grlowersm.gif (1800 bytes)
More coming soon, even if it kills me!

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