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 You need to use a client FTP application to access the FTP servers provided by Minions Web. If you need a client FTP, they are available from either or

 I like FileZilla FTP (click the link for a copy for those who don't want to hunt), but cuteFTP, or bulletproof FTP will do the trick. If you get errors running FileZilla get this plug-in

 This is a quickie guide to configure your Filezilla client FTP to work with the MinionsWeb FTP server.

 Open filezilla after its installed, and you should see something like the image below
(all images can be clicked to open a full size version)

 There are 2 ways to go about this, we will start with what is common to both methods.

 Click on file> site manager this will open up a window to let you fill in the FTP information such as login password, ip address, and port, and give the site a name to refer to it as, if you will be returning to it, and dont want to have to re-enter this information.

 In the site manager, you need to click the new site button, and the filed will become white ready for entry, name it whatever you desire.
host is the IP address (
check the wavs or vids page for current IP)
port 22 (
for the wavs FTP, the IC FEAR Video FTP is 666)
server type is FTP
Logon type is normal
User is the login, and then fill in the password field
Below is the typical configuration for the wavs FTP
After this you have 2 choices:

 for a local configuration (meaning not every FTP you might access will require the same settings (typical)) continue on here.

 for a global configuration follow these steps

 Now click the advanced... button, advanced site settings window will open.
the only concern here is that you might not be able to connect to my servers or have them resolve once connected.
In this case, you will want to go to the Passive transfer mode settings choices, and select Use passive mode, then click ok. In Site Manager winow hit Save and Exit.

 Back in the main Filezilla window, just below and between the File and Edit menus will be a small computer icon, click on it and the quick menu site manager shortcut for connecting will have a drop down menu with choices of ftps to connect to. Select the site you just created, and it will attempt to connect you to my FTP server.

 If you are successful you should see the same thing in the command line window (the window just below the menu bars) and the lower right hand window should display the FTP primary folders, the next window up is the remote site browser, you simply navigate the remote site as if it was files in your windows exploder or my computer window.

 This is the Global set up, if you chose the the local configuration, bypass these instructions.
With the global configuration, you anticipate that all FTPs you connect to in the future will have pasv connections.

 Under edit, select settings, then click on firewall settings, second toggle from the bottom is the Passive Mode selection, toggle it.

 If you are in a network, you may need to connect via a proxy server, if so, your systems administrator will be able to tell you what proxy configuration you are using, you can also determine proxy settings by checking you internet explorer (or other browser) connection properties tab. In most cases, you will not need to use proxy, but if you do under connection> proxy settings is where you configure them.

 Last, select File Transfer Settings, toggle use multiple to transfer files on, and set the transfer up to box to 2 (limit on MinionsWeb FTPs, more will be ignored). In the set of radio buttons beloew, set files to resume if the target file of a transfer already exists. This will resume your transfer in event of disconnection. 

 Once the global passive mode, proxy settings, and transfer settings are completed, hit ok and return to the site manager quick connection pull down menu to connect.

To resolve NAT IP > internet > NAT FTP Connectivity


Anybody with NAT related connection issues such as failure to index, cannot build connection, or related errors on the FTP, it is due to your router and/or FTP application configuration. 
Use FileZilla FTP

For Routers, in options, click on bind to IP: <set to your external IP>. Next set localport range : lower port to higher port. Set IP forward in your router to the IP you are using.  Finally be sure to turn off pasv.

Additionally, I no longer use IP Masq/Nat/Internal IP, so check or uncheck the tick in the advanced tab on the set up of the connection manager for this account


To resolve Firewall Issues


Folks using firewall applications, it is critical that you set port 22 as open! 
This is the port that the FTP operates on, if that port is not open, you will not be able to connect.


If you want to ask a question regarding the files in this ftp, or request files loaded to the web-ftp,
please email me

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