LightORama Residential Light Show Controllers

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Last updated October 25, 2015 3:51 PM

The website as always in October, is experiencing issues. I have implemented a work-around.
You may not recieve an order confirmation email - I am not getting them - if not, please contact me.

Transworld show orders have been on hold - From end of May May to Oct 3 had a major health issue/recovery,
I was not on premises 5 months during treatment, recovery & phys therapy.
Please confirm if you want to have ordered delivered or cancelled if you have not had contact from me regarding them.

I am still trying to reach people, if you are reading this and not spoken to me, please email or call 973 842 8687.

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If you have questions, just email, I check throughout the day.
Or Just give us a call (leave a message if I don't pick up)
If you need assistance please email us -->Click here to email<--

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LightORama Residential Light Show Controllers

LightORama Residential Light Show Controllers

ShowTime PC Residential Light Show Controllers

Think of a Light-O-Rama light controller as a device that can make lights do amazing tricks.
Look how easily that switch on the wall turns on or off the light in the room you're in.
The switch controls one electrical circuit.
Replace the switch with a dimmer and suddenly the light can be set to almost any brightness.
Multiply that dimmer circuit by eight or 16 and imagine the lighting possibilities.

Now put all those dimmers in a box and add a little computer to control each circuit independently.
Suddenly each light circuit can blink, twinkle, ramp up or down or take on just about any effect you want.

Go to the next level and start linking controllers together in a Light-O-Rama data network and imagine the possibilities of everything being synchronized.
When you're ready to do really dazzle your audience, add music and your lights will dance creating an unforgettable show.

As they're fond of saying at Light-O-Rama, Imagine it, then do it.

Light-O-Rama introduces the ShowTime PC series of light controllers geared for lighter duty applications such as residential use or environments not needing commercial grade equipment.
Each ShowTime PC controller is encased in a PVC enclosure designed for long life and when mounted correctly, will provide a weatherproof environment to keep the control circuitry functioning in almost any outdoor environment.
We do suggest common sense usage and keeping the cable access holes pointing down so the entire enclosure can shed the rain.
The pigtail outlets must be at least one foot off the ground and we strongly recommend keeping the unit away from heavy splashing water and forced water flows such as from irrigation sprinklers.
Read more in our datasheet or user guide.

Worried about electrical capacity?
Each ShowTime PC lighting channel circuit can handle eight amps of AC power.
The entire controller can switch a maximum of 15 to 30 amps depending on the configuration.
ShowTime PC units plug directly into standard wall outlets and we recommend these be dedicated power circuits for large applications. (Minions Web will be happy to offer consultation, additional dedicated electrical circuits should only be installed to NEC standards by a licensed Electrician)
The 30 amp units require two independent 15 amp power feeds.
Controller light channels have a number of special effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer.


Already have a communications infrastructure using DMX-512 typically used in the entertainment industry?
Then The LOR system of controllers has you covered.
ShowTime PC light controllers are smart enough to analyze the type of data network they are connected to and adapt to DMX-512 if needed.
Depending on the unique network assigned to your ShowTime PC light controller, it will occupy that DMX-512 address plus the next 15 (for a 16 channel controller.)
The 16 channels must be in the same DMX-512 universe.

Multiple ShowTime PC or ShowTime Pro controllers can be connected to the same Light-O-Rama data network.
See some examples of a typical network layout.
Each controller typically has a unique location code so it knows when to respond to commands.
More than 200 16 channel controllers can function on one giant Light-O-Rama data network giving you the ability to independently control 3,200 lighting channels.
If you need more, give us a call.

What else can you do with ShowTime PC controllers?
By attaching one of our ShowTime Directors to the Light-O-Rama data network, you can have a stand-alone system of synchronized lights and music without the need of a PC.
Versatility is the key and we strive to provide you with everything needed to create a great computerized show.

What do you need to get your ShowTime PC controller to flash your lights to music?
If you're the creative type our ShowTime Software Suite provides all the tools needed to create your own incredible show.
If you don't have the time or inclination to create your own shows, we have plenty of off-the-shelf songs already sequenced to lights in our ShowTime Tunes area.

Are you totally confused now by the ShowTime Pro and ShowTime PC series of light controllers?
No need to worry.
We've spelled out the difference below.

What's the difference? We get this question a lot!
shown with covers removed
Pro Series
PC series
Commercial grade steel enclosure available with a UL508 industrial rating no
PVC (plastic) enclosure available no
Warranty (in years) 2 1
Operate stand-alone if required no
Can run commands from ShowTime Director or computer(via one of our converters) when connected to Light-O-Rama data network.
Amperage rating design (in amperes) 40 but down rated to 30 for safety 30
Unit ID address setting of each controller dedicated switches on controller requires a computer
to set
Dedicated On/Off switch inside enclosure no
Easy access fuses inside enclosure on circuit board
All standard Light-O-Rama lighting effects
Can operate with any other Light-O-Rama controller on same Light-O-Rama data network
Preferred by professionals sometimes
Preferred by lighting enthusiasts sometimes
Dimensions (without electrical pigtails) 10.5"w 11.5"h x 5"d 9.5"w
12"h x 3.5"d
Weight (approximate) 13 pounds 6 pounds
Will it hurt if you drop the enclosure on your foot? sometimes
You might also consider adding:
Stand Alone
Show Director
Digital I/O,

Still wondering about all the capabilities?
Checkout the ShowTime PC User's Guide, read the datasheet or user manual.

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 ShowTime PC CTB16PC Complete  Buy Now   $220.50 - $225.00   ShowTime PC CTB16PC Complete   Light o Rama 
 ShowTime PC CTB16PC Controller Card  Buy Now   $152.00 - $155.00   ShowTime PC CTB16PC Controller Card   Light o Rama 
 ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo  Buy Now   $250.00 - $259.00   ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo   Light o Rama 
 ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo Add on  Buy Now   $253.50 - $259.00   ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo Add on   Light o Rama 
 ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo Starter Kit  Buy Now   $303.00   ShowTime PC CTB16PC Fully Assembled Package ReadyToGo Starter Kit   Light o Rama 
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