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I am still trying to reach people, if you are reading this and not spoken to me, please email or call 973 842 8687.

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CobWeb Gun -
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CobWeb Gun MW-CCL

6+ $170.00
12+ $150.00

Webbing - Cob Web Guns - MW-CCL 250 Watt Professional Hot Melt Web Shooter

Cobweb Gun MW-CCL Cob Webber
Pro-Series Hot Melt Cobweb Gun

Webs so real, we fool spiders™


Imitated but never duplicated, the powerful Minions Webber CCLv2™ produces huge amounts of mind-blowingly authentic cob webs fast. It shoots up to 7 pounds of webs per hour - that is a tremendous amount of spider webs!
Use for any size haunt, easily up to 10,000 sq. ft. or more in size.
Our Professional MW-D and MW-P models shoot more yet!

Minions Web cobweb machines are tools - not toys.
This gun is a true workhorse that will last you for years.
Compare output, wattage, and cost and you cannot beat a Minions Web webber!
We are so confident in what we build, all our web blasters are backed by our lifetime warranty.


Our patent pending design is both economical & quickly makes stunning super-realistic webs.
With a robust 415° operating temperature, the CCL produces webbing non-stop, down to 45 degrees outdoors or inside.


As the lowest powered of our Pro-Series web shooters at 250 watts, it's more powerful than any wanna-be knock off around.
We have the only professional cobweb makers designed by the inventor of web guns.
5 years of design and refine knowledge and 13 years producing the best cob web guns in the world.
Hard to believe we even have 2 more powerful Original Minions Webbers above the MW-CCLv2 !
We DO!


Why Webs:

Cob webs are the most overlooked detail in any haunt.
It's super subtle, yet the most effective mood setter you can use.
Webs add that realistic detail that absolutely takes a scene over the top, adding that creepy, unkempt, aged feel.

You can detail corners and windows, a light, or furniture pieces for that last detail the completes the scene.
Cast a room full of webs to make the super scary scene that leaves them screaming.
With a little bit of nylon line or a hallway makes for incredible spider tunnels your visitors will be terrified to venture into.
Webbing shot up onto the ceiling hanging down into the path will freak out your guests better than any actor ever could.


Typical Users:

The MW-CCLv2 is perfect for the largest home haunters, large yard haunts in cool climates, professional haunts with smaller budgets, film productions, theaters, dark attractions or amusement parks.



Not every gun is suitable to be a web blaster, it takes a special gun with just the right combination of elements.
What most people do not know or understand is there is quite a bit of physics and thermodynamics involved.
We have experimented, researched and tested designs for years to provide the most effective web casting gun possible.


The CCL model was originally developed in 2001 by Minions Web at the request of professional haunted houses who liked the original MW-1 web maker, but wanted more OOMPH.


Once the original MW-CCL candidate gun was found, it was put through extensive testing & design work as it was fine tuned.
It was a kick ass webber, full of power and really small for what it was capable of.


In 2009 the hot melt gun maker called us to discuss the changes, since we were purchasing more than most.
Like many other businesses - cost savings was their issue, they chose to change the specifications on the gun.

What took the hit was the heater - downgraded 20+% which completely changed the thermodynamics & output specs.
It was changed from 250 watts to a lower wattage (190 actual watts) making the specs invalid.
We thanked the manufacturer for their consideration, bought the remaining 250 watt inventory and parted ways.

That old CCL gun is the most imitated web making gun around.
But it AINT a CCL!
What looks like it will NOT perform like a Minions Web MW-CCL.
If you look at the imitators, they use OUR specs - incorrectly - they are using specs specific to a 250 watt unit!
Thing is, they are using a 190 watt gun, and those regurgitated specs are not valid!

Again, we did a lot of homework, and in 2011 introduced the updated MW-CCLv2, a true 250 watt gun.
It has all the horsepower and more that you expect from Minions Web cobweb guns.
The CCLv2 is easier to use with smoother trigger, greater torque, and better ergonomics.
And it is as tough or tougher than the original MW-CCL.



All our guns utilize our patent pending design that sips at the hot melt material.
This makes our web shooter the most cost effective and controllable web maker in the world.
That critical interface lets you to really fine tune your webs - apply as little or as much, as fine or coarse, as you need.


The CCL is surprisingly light weight, ergonomically designed to reduce use fatigue.
The power on indicating switch tells you at a glance if its on or off.
Air flow control is conveniently built into the grip.
Minions Web web guns are High Volume Low Pressure devices that run at 60 PSI.



With a little practice only our design the CCLv2 can shoot cobwebs anywhere from 18" to over 40 feet away.
Perfect for webbing high ceilings, windows, shooting 40 feet up for the best ceiling to floor coverage in the largest haunts.
Our patent pending design permits you to shoot spider web to greater distances than ANY web gun.

It makes the most realistic webs possible by adjusting both the air flow valve and the feed rate of the hot melt.

Our other models can shoot webbing up to 50 feet away.



  • Up to 7 pounds webs output per hour
  • Up to 40 foot shooting upward
  • For use down 45 degrees outdoors.
  • 60 PSI normal operation
  • 15 PSI ultra fine operation
  • Air flow valve
  • Integrated air line
  • Male 1/4" industrial quick disconnect fitting
  • USA Made
  • 450PSI construction for safety
  • 110v standard, can be used 220v with one of our voltage converters.
  • Gross weight 2.85 lbs
  • Net weight 2.15 lbs
  • Differential:

    What makes Minions Web Cob Web Shooters so much better than imitations that pop up?
    You will not find another web spinner that can:

  • Shoot webs as FAR as ours
  • Shoot webs as CLOSE as ours
  • That can shoot webbing over LIT flames without igniting or putting out the flame.
  • That can make webs as FINE or as HEAVY as ours
  • That make webs that are safe COOL to the touch 18" away from the gun
  • That have specially formulated LOW tack web sticks with super easy clean up
  • That can operate on 60 PSI, and will make webs at as low as 15PSI
  • That creates webs as ECONOMICALLY

  • Minions Web invented cob web guns in 1998, and has been refining them ever since.
    Minions Web web machines are tools - not toys.
    Our guns are designed to provide you years of service, not just minutes.
    They are the ONLY UL rated, patent pending web guns produced by hand in the USA.
    We are the only company that provides a lifetime warranty.
    Please do not be fooled by knockoffs, they are only riding our coat tails.
    The imitators guns run pressures at 100PSI and over in a futile attempt to replicate our results.


    We are the only manufacturer which produces 6 models to meet the needs of every user.
    We have guns perfect for small uses such as halloween party decorations at home, intermediate models perfect for outdoor use in most climates, to professional models capable of dressing large scenes in little time with no training.


    Webbing Material:

    Minions Web hot melt cob web sticks are the only fire safe, food safe webbing available.
    They are USA made to our exacting standards.

    Our colored webs will hold coloring for months in direct sunlight, will not leach coloring on anything.
    The Glow in the Dark webbings will recharge thousands of times, and will hold up for months inside or outside.
    Use our UV (blacklight) reactive webs in clubs, haunts, raves, or party centers for that incredible pop you cant get anywhere else.


    They are designed to be low tack (less sticky) and very resiliant.
    Webbing has been tested outdoors and hold color for 6 months.
    They will hold up in typical rain and snow falls when applied over horizontal supports and covering vertical spans.
    They hold up with minimal impact in up to 30mph winds.
    Best of all - they work in ANY web gun.


    Made from Food Safe PVE the web sticks are perfect for use in places like concession stands, restaurants, pubs or your dining room.
    Our propietary formula includes a fire inhibitor so you can safely use our webs in your prefessional installation.
    Your haunt would ignite before our webbing will.
    We will gladly provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Materials Property documentation for your local authorities on request.


    As featured on Halloween-Online's Creepy Cobwebs page.
    MW-1 Entry Level /Small Home/ Detailing 2# / Hr. 200 - 500 15' 70 3 40 min.
    MW-C Home Haunt/ Small Professional 3# / Hr. 750 - 2000 25' 60 7 20 min.
    MW-CCL Home/ Yard/ Professional/ Theater/ Film 6.5# / Hr. 2000 - 5000 35' 45 8 15 min.
    MW-D Large Professional/ Theater/ Film/ Amusement Parks 11# / Hr. 4000 - 10000 50' >32 9 10min.
    MW-P Studio/ Large Professional/ Theater/ Film/ Amusement Parks 7# / Hr. 2500 - 6000 35' 40 7 20 min.


    Webbers FAQ


    What is Included:

    Every Minions Web cob web shooting gun comes bulk packed (it's not in any retail packaging) unless ordered otherwise.
    Our commercial retail packaging in plastic clamshell with graphics or shelf box is avaible seperately

    Included with each cobwebbing gun is:
    Instructions, usage tips, and the Limited Lifetime Warranty sheet
    Wipe cloth to keep your gun tip clear of residue.
    Up to 20" of our webbing sticks.


    Call 973 842 8687 for Retail packaged Wholesale or Distributor quantities and pricing.
    If you don't see it, it doesn't mean we don't have it.
    If you are interested in a certain product, but don't see it on our website, please call us or e-mail us!
    *All products subject to available stock.


    Holiday decorating, Exhibition stands and panels, Shopping mall decor, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement lighting and decoration, haunted houses, Dark Rides, theme parks, offices, work stations, modelers layouts, Halloween yard haunts, Movie sets, theater productions, costuming, Nightmare before Christmas displays, corn mazes, haunted hayrides, home haunts, party centers, stage, clubs, festivals, renaisance fairs, carnivals, dance floors and theme restaurants, mobile DJs, party planners, halloween events, zombie walks, dinner theater, murder mystery parties, holiday party.

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