Air Cannons

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Transworld show orders have been on hold - From end of May May to Oct 3 had a major health issue/recovery,
I was not on premises 5 months during treatment, recovery & phys therapy.
Please confirm if you want to have ordered delivered or cancelled if you have not had contact from me regarding them.

I am still trying to reach people, if you are reading this and not spoken to me, please email or call 973 842 8687.

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Cob Web Gun MW-C
Awesome product! I bought one in 2006 and cobwebed almost 50 ..
5 of 5 Skulls!

Air Cannons

Air Cannons

Pneumatic Air Cannons - Boomer Series Air Cannons

Unidirectional Air Cannons

100+dB LOUD
Battery powered
Uni-directional orientation
Fire every 5 seconds with ease.

The ToTers, will drop to the ground, scream, cry, run,
or mess themselves, we have proof!

Watch the video link to see for yourself!

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Mozilla/FireFox users use this link

Want to hear the Big Boomer? 
Click the speaker symbol below.
Want to hear the Boomer,
them click!

I think I need to change my pants....

The Boomer Series of Air Cannons are a unique air scare, unlike any other air cannon available.
They have a very loud report, combined with a directional rush of air, while refilling and firing rapidly.
No other air cannon works like the Boomer Air Cannon.


  • Updated air pressure regulator to a locking version
  • Added 2.1mm barrel jack power adapter
  • Re-oriented trigger jack to end panel of control box
  • Re-oriented power switch to end panel of control box

  • Coated iron fittings for improved weather protection
  • Coating of containment sleeve for improved weather protection
  • Change control box to all ABS enclosure

  • Barrel support inserts water-jet cut
  • New water-jet cut diaphram material
  • Concussion cone developed
  • The minimal per shot capacity is perfect for haunts with a small air compressor, for haunters who want to reduce the system load, or a compact solutiion to be used with our compressor-less (remote) air tanks.
    The low air need is a huge relief on your compressed air system.
    Boomers consume far less air than similar scare devices, typically 10% or less air per blast.

    Minions Web Boomer Air Cannons are designed to operate at low PSI.
    Operating running on just 30 PSI compared to the usual 100-125 PSI of dunp style air cannons.
    This lower pressure makes them quick to refill and refire, within 5 seconds, compared to 2-3 minutes for conventional air cannons.

    The only power needed for a Boomer Series Air Cannon is a single 9 volt battery.
    One battery will power our air cannon for up to one year.
    No wall warts, not need to be close to an outlet, no extension cords.

    The Boom Jr air blast will travel 5-10 feet, perfect for air startles in confined places.

    Don't forget to add one of our nine different triggers, or other options like the concussion cone or stink bomb!

  • Materials: ABS, Steel, Iron, Brass
  • Voltage: 9-15vDC (Optional 110vAC adapter available)
  • Power Supply: 9v Battery (starter battery included) or 9v adapter (2.1mm c+)
  • Power Control: Paddle style On/Off Switch
  • Trigger Connection: 1/4" mono audio jack
  • Trigger Type: Momentary contact
  • Trigger Supplied: 10' corded trigger (button replacable)
  • Air Control: Locking Pressure Regulator
  • Air input: 1/4" Industrial Male Quick Disconnect
  • Call 973 842 8687 for Wholesale or Distributor quantities and pricing.
    If you don't see it, it doesn't mean we don't have it.
    If you are interested in a certain product, but don't see it on our website, please call us or e-mail us!
    *All products subject to available stock.


    Holiday decoratiing, Amusement park, Pest deterrent for airports, parks, gardens, agriculture and sports fields, Exhibition stands, race starts, Halloween decoration, Haunted houses, Dark Rides, theme parks, etc.

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    Boomer Series Air Cannons

    Only the Boomer air cannons can fire extremely loud, terrifying shots with a burst of air every 5 seconds!
    No other air cannon compares, we go BOOM!....they go woosh.
    All that and a great blast of air too!

    The ToTers, will drop to the ground, scream, cry, run,
    or mess themselves, we promise!

    Click Here - See for yourself!
    (opens new small window with viewer for IE users)
    Mozilla/FireFox users use this link

    Want to here the boomer? 
    Click the speaker symbol below.
    Want to hear the Boomer, them click!

    Don't be limited by your power supply, this 9v battery driven compressed air cannon is a pleasure compared to any other air cannon out there.
    We offer the only battery powered Air Cannon around, add our compressor-less kit and wireless triggers,
    for fully automated props perfect for Haunted Woods, Corn Mazes, and Haunt Trails (also an excellent pest deterrent)

    You can orient the boomer ANY way you want.
    Want it high above and shooting down? To either side and shooting across? Firing from below up their legs? How about on an angle?

    Other air cannons run at a ridiculous 125PSI fire once each 2 minutes, and use 7+ gallons of air.
    The boomers can fire off 10-50 times with on the same compressor tank
    because we use so much LESS AIR and 1/4-1/5 the pressure in the same 2 minutes!

    Lets see, louder, stronger, more scare, less air, compact, and safe?
    It can only be a BOOMER!

    Small size makes it very simple to hide behind a prop or in a inaccessible corner or your scene. Simple to operate, this is a great small scare device. ABS construction with steel sheet body. Just hook it up to your air supply via the male airline quick connect fitting, set the pressure for 30 PSI, plug in the included remote hand trigger on 7' cord, and flick the power switch for on demand firing. 
    Easily extend the reach of the trigger with any 1/4" audio cable.   Max. operating pressure 40 PSI. 

    •Lockable Premium Pressure Regulator•
    •Quick-Clik Mount Brackets•
    •Concussion Barrel Attachment•
    •Stink Bomb™ (Optional Sinister Scents Delivery System)•
    •Wireless Key-fob Remote Trigger•
    •AC Adapter Trigger•
    •Wireless AC Adapter Trigger•
    •PIR (passive infra-red) Motion Trigger•
    •Wireless PIR Motion Trigger•
    •Mat Switch Trigger•
    •Wireless Mat Switch Trigger•
    •Retro-flective Optical Beam Break Trigger•
    •Wireless Retro-flective Optical Beam Break Trigger•
    •Compressor-less Supply Kit•
    •Quick-Fill Reserve Tank•

    Just a few words from our Boomer customers

    It's awesome. It scared the crap outta my wife. She hates you now. 
    I plan on collecting lots of candy off the ground this year! - J. H.

    I hooked it all up today and it works like a charm.  In fact, I can get it to fire every 2 seconds if i want it great...thanks - K.P.

    I set it up and it was so loud that the dogs on the block started to bark.  This thing is great, just what I was looking for. - J.C.

    Cool! Thanks!! Love the air cannon! Keep it up!! - A.M.

    Got my "Big Boomer" ......  It is absolutely fantastic!!!!  Folks, if you do not own one of these you need to.  My newly converted halloween enjoying  husband eagerly took this baby out to fire her 15 psi the dogs around the corner started barking!!  At 20-I was flinching...and I don't startle easily!  We took turns "getting even" with the couple of kids who came in really late for rehearsal.  Scared the crap out of them!  (I bet they're on time next rehearsal!)
    Can't say enough good about the product.......  I'd rate this as a "must have" for any haunt. - K.D.

    Just had to follow up and let you know that the air cannon was THE hit of the haunted house.  We ended up with 735 people through in about 4 hours and this baby scared the willies out of all of them!  - K.D.

    Awesome product,,,better than described - W.M.

    Product way better than described......thanks a lot for all the help. - K.P.

    Excellent product. Packaged extremely well for shipping!! - R.R.

    Even at 10 or 20 psi it makes a boom that reverberates around the neighborhood like a gunshot for about 5 seconds. Is this device truly intended to be fired inside a haunt? Is there any way to make it quieter? I know I bought a fairly large one because I'm just that kind of guy, but this thing could blow an elephant off it's feet. - D.E.

    All of our Air Cannons are tuned in the shop before shipping, to perform best between 25-30PSI.
    Simply adjust the included pressure regulator to easily set your cannon to that pressure.

    Cannons FAQ

        Buy Now   Price   Product Name+   Manufacturer 
     Boomer Series 12" Boom Jr. Air Cannon  Buy Now   $300.00   Boomer Series 12" Boom Jr. Air Cannon   Minions Web 
     Boomer Series 24" Boomer Air Cannon  Notifications   $350.00   Boomer Series 24" Boomer Air Cannon   Minions Web 
     Boomer Series 36" Big Boomer Air Cannon  Notifications   $375.00   Boomer Series 36" Big Boomer Air Cannon   Minions Web 
     Boomer Series 48" Big Bang Air Cannon  Buy Now   $425.00   Boomer Series 48" Big Bang Air Cannon   Minions Web 
     BoomPAC Boomer Portable Air Cannon Backpack  Notifications   $650.00   BoomPAC Boomer Portable Air Cannon Backpack   Minions Web 
     QuikFill Reserve Tank  Buy Now   $185.00   QuikFill Reserve Tank   Minions Web 
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